From the CMO Council – The 2011 State of Marketing

The CMO Council just came out with their annual survey of the State of Marketing – the 2011 survey is available from this link.  The report is jointly sponsored by Deloitte  Consulting and OpenText, and the 28-page Executive Summary is free to download (the entire reports costs $199).   Christine Cutten and Jennifer MacMillan, from Deloitte Consulting, provide their own 2011 commentary at the end of the Executive Summary too.

Here are a few highlights.

Lots of Room for Improvement in Online Marketing

Only 5% of the CMOs surveyed thought they were doing an excellent job with online marketing while more than 25% were not doing a good job or struggling to quantify the value of their online marketing budgets.

From the CMO Council Report - Marketers Rate Their Capabilities

Becoming More Accountable

The marketers in the survey are moving away from “random acts of marketing” to a more focused view on operational and performance accountability.

From the CMO Council Report - 2011 Top Areas of Transformation

The Final Word

The report overview wraps up by discussing the need for expanded expectations around business analytics, database management, digital marketing and strategic marketing.

Though survey results clearly demonstrate that at this point, professionaldevelopment revolves around customer knowledge and intimacy, many CMOs are looking to get smarter about some of the emerging technologies and tools dominating headlines, such as social media and mobile. With so manyresponsibilities and expectations falling under the umbrella of marketingleadership, the most successful CMOs may perhaps be the executives with the biggest breadth of expertise, as they will be best equipped to manage the full spectrum marketing challenges.


You can also view the report via the embedded SlideShare PDF that I found courtesy of Fred Zimni:


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