Thank You Terry Fox

Terry Fox, the inspirational Canadian runner who raised money and awareness for cancer research in 1980 by running across Canada on one leg, would have turned 53 today.  While Terry never made it across Canada, his Marathon of Hope run lasted 143 days and over 3300 miles until he passed away on June 28, 1981.  His original goal of raising $23 million (a $1 for every Canadian) has now grown into a legacy that has raised over $500 million for cancer research.

I’m not a dreamer, and I’m not saying this will initiate any kind of definitive answer or cure to cancer, but I believe in miracles. I have to.

Terry Fox

Being a longtime runner and nearly the same age as Terry, I appreciate his efforts and hope everyone can take a moment today to remember Terry and the miracle he inspired.

If you don’t know much about Terry Fox or his run, here is a video from ESPN about Terry and his Marathon of Hope:

Learn more about Terry Fox and how you can help at the Terry Fox Foundation.  Thank you Terry for inspiring so many people.


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