Creating Your Social Media Strategy

Are you confused with where to start your social media journey?  Are you stuck in a rut?   Are there too many options to consider?  Are you floundering without a social media strategy?  Do you need to convince others about the importance of social media?

If so, you may want to check out the online social media strategy assessment tool from Vocus.  Vocus provides on-demand software for public relations and social media management, and the interactive workbook was created with the help of MarketingSherpa, Beth Harte of the Harte of Marketing and Serengeti Communiations.

The Vocus social media assessment tool provides a simple Q&A driven process to develop a social media strategy and includes these 6 “Steps to Social Media Success”:

  1. Set goals
  2. Determine where you are
  3. Identify challenges
  4. Target audiences
  5. Track and measure
  6. Choose tactics
Completing all of the sections takes about 5 to 10 minutes.  Overall, the tool has a very nice interface and you start by dragging and dropping your social media goals from a list of the typical goals used by most companies:

Selecting Social Media Goals from Vocus Social Media Assessment

At the end of each section, you can select a list of applicable resources that you may want to review in the final report.  When you are completed with all 6 steps in the assessment, a customized PDF report is generated based on your responses in the workbook tool.

The PDF is a great starting point for any social media strategy and includes additional worksheets that can be completed to refine your strategy.  I highly recommend using the assessment tool if you are new to social media or in the experimental or transition phase.  For experienced social media users, the embedded links are worthwhile as refreshers or to inject some new ideas into your existing processes.

Below is the 35-page PDF output for my example company:

You can find out more about Vocus from these links:


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