My WordPress Blog In Review – 2011

This is another reason why I love  Wordpress sent me an annual report for my blog last week and I didn’t even have to ask for it.  They also make it fun by adding some animated fireworks, displaying the results in a pleasing graphical way, and thanking their “helper monkeys” for helping prepare the stats.

Highlights include:

  • 32 new blog posts
  • 29,000 blog views

In case you missed these posts, here are my most viewed posts in 2011 – and thanks to the “long-tail” effects of blogging, only one of the most popular posts was actually written in 2011!

  1. Gamification is Everywhere — But What Is It?  October 2011
  2. My Social Media Job Description October 2008
  3. 7 Social Media Must-Do’s for the Restaurant Industry  April 2010
  4. Confused About Community Registration? August 2008
  5. Sizing Up the Social Media Software Market  June 2009

Click here to see my complete annual report.

Thank you WordPress!


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