Social Media Marketing: Why Google+ is a Must

[a guest post by Emma-Julie Fox from Pitstop Media]

Most business owners who use social media sites have accounts on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram. However, relatively few have learned to appreciate Google+ as much as other social networking sites. If you’re an entrepreneur or an online marketer, you may have recognized the potential of social media as a marketing and SEO tool and may even have started using it in 2012.

Perhaps you’re now wondering if it will be worth your while to consider using Google+ for social media marketing in 2013. Should you give up on this platform or is there something you can look forward to?

Well, you may not really have much reason to think so right now, but this social network packs a lot of power, and if used right can make your social media marketing campaign more effective. Here’s How:

1.       Circles

One of the key features of this social network is Circles that allow you to segregate your audience into online communities comprised of individuals with the same or similar interests. You are therefore able to target particular messages to specific audiences.

For example, let’s say you want to organize a webinar for your high value clients, now creating a public post about it would mean everyone would be able to see it. But, by marking the post to your ‘circle’ of VIP clients you can share the information with the relevant group only (assuming they have added you to their circles as well).

Having said that, if you have a new business, you may have some trouble in getting people to add you to their circles, since Google doesn’t allow pages to circle people till they circle the page. Therefore it’s a good idea to have a personal G+ account as well, connect with new people through the same and introduce your business page to them.

Here’s a great resource for finding people to network with, based on the industry you are in.

Google+ Communities allow you to deliver your message to targeted audiences. Image source

 2.       Hang Out

This is a brilliant tool that many businesses have already put to good use. Hangout lets you have a video-conference with up to 9 people at one time. This means you can use the feature to conduct online workshops, promotional events or just about any form of client/customer interaction programs.

For example, Cadbury’s used the ‘Triple Chocolate Tasting On Air Hangout’ as a customer engagement tool.  What did they do? They answered fun and interesting questions about chocolates and had fun!

A more creative example though is perhaps of the Giveaway organized by Taylor Guitars through hangout. They got together with singer Daria Musk to organize a series of concerts and giveaways through hangout to generate more buzz about their company.

3.       Webmaster Tools

Webmaster Tools allows you to track your content and see how it is affected by Google+ likes in terms of search results performance.

Therefore having an active presence on this platform will help you determine which of your site content promotes greater engagement with your target audience.

 4.       It’s Google!

There’s no question about it; Google is the world’s number one search engine! So, it is only logical that content shared on it’s own social network will be indexed a lot more quickly than content shared on any other social media platform.

Facebook may currently be the most popular social media tool, but Google will always crawl through its own pages first.  The search engine already takes G+ recommendations into account while tabulating personalized results.

Content on Google+ will be indexed more quickly in Google searches. Image source

Final Words…

There’s a lot that businesses can do with Google+, from improved search rankings in personalized search results to brand engagement through the available tools, it’s all about how creative one can get!

Emma-Julie Fox writes for a Vancouver-based company that provides white hat SEO services, Pitstop Media. If you would like to invite the author to guest post on your blog please contact