Internet Trends for 2014 – from Mary Meeker of KPCB

Internet Trends 2014

Every year for at least the last 10 years, Mary Meeker of Kleiner Perkins has delivered a presentation on the Internet Trends for the upcoming year and each year it is a ‘must-view’ presentation.

The extensive 164 slides in the 2014 edition of Internet Trends cover the following topics and includes some great graphs of current and historic trends:

  • Internet user growth is slowing
  • Smartphone growth is still strong
  • Tablet growth is early stage by growing faster than PCs ever did
  • Mobile traffic has accelerating growth
  • Cyber threats are rising rapidly
  • Education could be at an inflection point with online courses
  • Technology is re-imagining education, messaging, how people meet, how people share, media, music, grocery shopping, local services, monry
  • Messaging is evolving into higher frequency with smaller networks
  • Image and video sharing rising rapidly
  • Evolution of apps – unbundling into single-purpose apps
  • Social distribution happens rapidly – half within less than 9 hours
  • Internet trifecta of 3 C’s – content + community + commerce
  • Biggest re-imagining is mobile devices with sensors (wearables)
  • More data + more transparency equals more patterns and more complexity
  • 1.8 billion photos uploaded and shared every day

The presentations from previous year’s Internet Trends can also be found at the links below:


How Much Social Media Data Is Generated Every Minute

This cool infographic from Domo points out the amount of data that is being generated by the top social media and web services properties every minute.  The astounding amount of data points out why almost every futurist identifies Big Data is such a ‘big deal’ and that companies who efficiently tame big data and big datasets can create competitive advantage for themselves.


How Are You Using LinkedIn?

How are you using LinkedIn?  How much time are you spending on LinkedIn each week?  What LinkedIn features do you find most useful?  Are you an above average user?

You can see where you stack up by looking at this new infographic from LinkedIn Expert Wayne Breitbarth.

Here are some of the highlights from his recently released analysis on LinkedIn usage.  

Connections — 41% of those surveyed report more than 500 connections which is up from 30% in 2013

Paid Members — the number of paid members dropped from 18% to 16% in 2014

Amount of time spent on LinkedIn — 58% of people are now spending more than 2 hours a week on LinkedIn, up from 47% in 2013

#1 Activity — 74% of people say that LinkedIn has helped them with doing people and company research

Linkedin Infographic
Via: PowerFormula for Linkedin Success