Internet Trends for 2014 – from Mary Meeker of KPCB

Internet Trends 2014

Every year for at least the last 10 years, Mary Meeker of Kleiner Perkins has delivered a presentation on the Internet Trends for the upcoming year and each year it is a ‘must-view’ presentation.

The extensive 164 slides in the 2014 edition of Internet Trends cover the following topics and includes some great graphs of current and historic trends:

  • Internet user growth is slowing
  • Smartphone growth is still strong
  • Tablet growth is early stage by growing faster than PCs ever did
  • Mobile traffic has accelerating growth
  • Cyber threats are rising rapidly
  • Education could be at an inflection point with online courses
  • Technology is re-imagining education, messaging, how people meet, how people share, media, music, grocery shopping, local services, monry
  • Messaging is evolving into higher frequency with smaller networks
  • Image and video sharing rising rapidly
  • Evolution of apps – unbundling into single-purpose apps
  • Social distribution happens rapidly – half within less than 9 hours
  • Internet trifecta of 3 C’s – content + community + commerce
  • Biggest re-imagining is mobile devices with sensors (wearables)
  • More data + more transparency equals more patterns and more complexity
  • 1.8 billion photos uploaded and shared every day

The presentations from previous year’s Internet Trends can also be found at the links below:


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