What Was Your First Tweet?

Earlier this year, in honor of its eighth birthday, Twitter unveiled a special page allowing users to automatically see and share their first Tweet ever.

This feature is interesting in that it allows you to go back in the Twitter “time machine” to view your own first tweet or the first tweet from anyone with a Twitter account.

Here’s my first tweet, from October 31, 2007 – (the tweet is the original, but the profile picture is my current version of me and not the 7 years younger version):

This tweet is also about when my journey into social media began and brings back some good memories. I was working with Jim StorerMark WallaceDerek Showerman and Aaron Strout from Shared Insight (now Mzinga) to develop and launch a professional community for iRise. The community subsequently grew to over 4,000 members by July 2008 when I left iRise for greener pastures.

In the last seven years, I have posted 6,185 other tweets and grew my Twitter following to over 3,150. And my social media journey has gotten even richer with forays into blogging, LinkedIn, Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr, Slideshare, etc.

I no longer remember what the Shared Insights webcast was all about, but I’m sure it was interesting because I remain passionate about the value of engaging with customers and prospects through social interactions.

So, what memories will your first tweet dredge up? Check out First Tweets at this link.


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