Life Lessons from Mowing the Lawn

I do not regularly mow grass as I live in a part of Southern California where our lots are pretty small. In fact, I haven’t even had any lawn to speak of in the three houses I have lived in over the last 15+ years.

Growing up, I spent many warm (and humid) summers mowing the lawn at my parents’ house (and for some o my neighbors). So I am well acquainted with the subtleties of lawn maintenance. It is just that I have not had any recent opportunities to use these skills recently.

Fortunately, I have a friend with a decent-sized lawn and he let me cut his grass when he went on vacation this week. While working up a good sweat and successfully completing my task, I came up with these life lessons that can be learned from something as mundane as mowing the grass:

  1. It’s good to spend time with your thoughts – The activity of lawn mowing definitely lends itself to spending time with your thoughts. In today’s hectic world, most of us do not get the opportunity to have uninterrupted time to let our minds wander and to
  2. You have to pay attention to details – When you are mowing a lawn, it is important to keep your lines straight and neat. You also have to be careful while doing the edging so you don’t mow down the flowers or knock down any other plants or trees in the process. It is also important to clean up after yourself as the job is not finished until the sidewalks are swept and the mower is put back in the garage.
  3. Hard work involves sweat – There is no easy way out when you are mowing a lawn (unless you have a riding mower). Even still, there are no shortcuts to cutting a lawn. You just have to put your head down, roll up your sleeves and complete the task.
  4. There is a lot of satisfaction in a job well done – When you’ve done a great job of mowing, the symmetry of a fresh-cut lawn is a thing of beauty. The even cut of the turf, the straight lines from the wheels, the smell of summer and a slight glow from the physical exertion are all things to appreciate. Plus, there is the satisfaction (and slight feeling of superiority) to be part of the rare breed in my circle of friends who actually “get” to mow their own lawn.
  5. Celebrating success is a good thing – And of course, the best way to finish off any arduous outdoor activity is to kick back in a lawn chair, absorb the beauty, revel in the expended physical effort and enjoy a cold beverage of your choice. As with all great efforts, celebrating success reinforces the achievement.


I am a social media and digital marketing expert who has been using social media to build awareness, tell stories and connect with customers since 2007. The LinkedIn Company Page I used to manage was selected as one of the Top 10 LinkedIn Company Pages for 2013.

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