The Best LinkedIn Advice

I am constantly scouring the Internet for great articles on how to maximize LinkedIn for a job or career search.   The following articles are the best ones that I have seen in the past year and I wanted to share them on my blog.

Your Essential LinkedIn Guide – here is the top piece of career advice from CAREERELISM – “get your LinkedIn ducks in a row.”

21 Steps to the Perfect LinkedIn Profile – LinkedIn expert Melonie Dodaro outlines her 21 steps to create a perfect LinkedIn profile in this handy infographic.

10 LinkedIn Skills Every Professional Should Have – Author and Social Business Coach Neil Shaffer came up with a list of 10 skills that he expects every professional should have as a LinkedIn user.

10 LinkedIn Blunders that Make You Look Like An Amateur – in this article from Fortune, William Arruda shares some all-too-common faux pas that will create a negative impression rather than build your brand.

9 Reasons Why You Must Update Your LinkedIn Profile Today – here are 9 eye-opening reasons why you need to polish your LinkedIn profile right now.

How To Choose A LinkedIn Profile Picture – everyone knows that it’s important to have a profile picture on LinkedIn, but you can also send the wrong message with an unprofessional picture.

Why Your LinkedIn Headline Is So Important – you already know the importance of having an updated LinkedIn profile, but did you know that it is important the LinkedIn headline section is to your job search?