How Are You Doing On Twitter?

Would you like to know how many people viewed, clicked or shared your latest tweet? Well, now you can with Twitter’s new Analytics Dashboard that was released to all users last month.

Whether you are a big (or small) Twitter user, there is a lot of interesting data on the Dashboard about your tweeting activity. And if you are managing a corporate Twitter account, this information will be essential for analyzing your success and the impact of Twitter on your brand. I first found out about this new feature after seeing articles in Techcrunch and Yahoo in late August, and it is great that this capability has now been exposed for all Twitter users. Previously, this information was only available for advertisers and Verified Users.

To access your Twitter Dashboard, go to If you are signed into Twitter, the dashboard will open with your data – otherwise, you will need to sign into Twitter. The dashboard is organized into three tabs – Tweets, Followers and Twitter cards. Here is what the main page of your dashboard will look like:

Below the weekly graph, you get a list of all published tweets along with data points for:

  • Impressments – the number of times users saw the Tweet on Twitter
  • Engagements – the number of times a user interacted with the Tweet which could be clicks, retweets, replies, follows and favorites
  • Engagement Rate – the number of engagements divided by the number of impressions

You can click on any tweet to get specific details on Impressions, Replies, Retweets and Favorites.

In the right nav on the dashboard, you can also view your activity over the last 28 days for Engagement Rate, Link Clicks and Retweets.

The Follower tab also presents some very interesting information on the growth of your Followers, their Interests, Location and Gender. Plus, the dashboard lists the top Twitter users that your Followers also follow.

Additional information on the Dashboard can be found at the Twitter Help Center.

Run, don’t walk to check out your Twitter Dashboard today.


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