Are You A Smart Creative?

In their new book, How Google Works, Google Executive Chairman and ex-CEO Eric Schmidtand former SVP of Products Jonathan Rosenberg share the secrets they used to help build Google into the company it is today.

One of the chapters in the book describes the special type of employee that has made Google so successful. They refer to this unique category of knowledge workers as “Smart Creatives” and these type of employees are essential for achieving success in the Internet Century. These workers are not confined to specific tasks, nor hemmed in by role or organization structure, or limited in access to company information and they are not averse to taking risks. In addition, they don’t keep quiet when they disagree with something and they can be easily bored.

All companies need to add Smart Creative employees to their payroll in order to be successful in the Internet Century. And workers striving to improve their career prospects can develop or enhance their skills as a Smart Creative.

The following infographic describes the key characteristics of Smart Creative employees.

Or you can download the PDF directly at Are You A Smart Creative – An Infographic by Tom Humbarger.


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