What Companies Had the Best LinkedIn Company Pages in 2014?

Best LinkedIn Company Pages for 2014 Banner

LinkedIn announced the top 10 Company Pages for 2014 last week and only Dell repeated as a multiple year winner which points out how hard it is to be recognized in back-to-back years.  I am always interested in this award as the AppleOne Company Page I managed until the middle of this year was recognized for this distinction in 2013.

In the Slideshare presentation from LinkedIn which highlights the winners, a best practice or tip was identified for each company.  My favorite Company Page tips included:

  • Sponsor your best contest (i.e. spend money) to get wider distribution for your best posts
  • Pin an update to the top of your page to highlight your most valuable content
  • Make your posts stand out by posting images or rich media that is eye-catching

If you are looking for more ideas, you can also check out my blog post from July which identifies how your company can have a top 10 LinkedIn Company Page too.

You can view the entire list of 2014 winning companies in the attached Slideshare presentation or click on the links below to go directly to their Company Page.  If you manage a LinkedIn Company Page, you definitely need to check out what makes for a winning page.

Links to the Best LinkedIn Company Pages of 2014

  1. Dell
  2. Evernote
  3. Hootsuite Media Inc.
  4. Loreal
  5. Luxottica Group
  6. Marketo
  7. The Nature Conservancy
  8. Procter & Gamble
  9. Tesla Motors
  10. Wells Fargo

Hug Your Accountant Today

Today, November 10th, is International Accounting Day.  Since I started out my career as a Certified Public Accountant (or CPA) with KPMG, I have a fondness for the accounting profession and accountants in general.  Starting out in the accounting profession is a great way to begin any career and I continue to carry the lessons learned from those five years as a CPA to my current endeavors.  And my wife is still impressed every time I use the 10-key skills I learned when I am adding numbers into a spreadsheet.

According to the International Accounting Day website (yes, there really is one), this day in history goes back to the year 1494, when book titled Summa de Arithmetica, Geometria, Proportioni et Proportionalita (Everything About Arithmetic, Geometry and Proportion) by Luca Paciolli was published in Venice. This was the first book that contained an essay on double-entry bookkeeping and provided a base for other works on mercantile accounting. Without Luca Paciolli, accountants wouldn’t know that debits (assets) are on the left and credits (liabilities) are on the right.

The infographic below was compiled by Accountemps, a Robert Half subsidiary, and provides five surprising facts about the Accounting Profession.

Surprising Facts about the Accounting Profession

Salute and Support American Veterans

I ran across this great Infographic on the Raytheon website that discusses honoring military veterans in 2014 with a Week of Service.  As Veteran’s Day approaches next week, I wanted to share these facts about our American Veterans.

Raytheon Supports American Veterans

I Love My Fitbit

My Fitbit

My Fitbit Force

…and I want to be a beta product tester for the new Fitbit Surge!

Here’s why I would be a great choice as a beta tester:

  • I’m an early adopter and loyal customer – I’ve had a Fitbit since Christmas 2012 starting with the Fitbit One and then upgrading to the Fitbit Force in November 2013.
  • I’m a power user – Since I’ve been using Fitbit I have logged a lot of steps and miles with your product.  In 2013, I had just over 4 million steps which doesn’t count the couple of weeks where my Fitbit was drying out after getting washed.  So far in 2014, I have logged over 4.6 million steps and am on target to break 5.5 million steps.  I’m the kind of guy who will put the new Fitbit through it’s paces and will push the limits of your product.
  • I’ll share my experiences – I’m a social media guy and know how to get the word out.  I’m also a natural evangelist and you can be assured that I will tout the benefits of your product as often as possible – from every rooftop, tree, mountain and street corner.

I will be a great tester, ambassador and champion for your brand.  Wouldn’t a new Fitbit Surge look better on my wrist than my grungy old Fitbit Force?  So what do you think?  I’m your guy and I’m ready to start anytime.


For those who may not know about Fitbit or its products, here is a short primer:

Fitbit’s family of fitness products that help people stay motivated and improve their health by tracking activity, exercise, food, weight and sleep.  The idea behind Fitbit is that it can track your activity with very little effort on your part (other than the activity part) and they have a great smartphone app and dashboard that syncs up your activity with their products.  Fitbit helps people maintain their fitness by turning fitness into a game and makes the tracking simple by providing the “wearable” technology that makes it all possible.

The Fitbit Dashboard is the best part and provides a lot of great information on your fitness and activity.  Here is what the dashboard looks like from a desktop computer.  The smartphone version is also very robust.

Fitbit Dashboard

Fitbit’s products are organized into these categories:

  • Everyday fitness – Zip, Flex, One and Charge
  • Active fitness – ChargeHR
  • Performance – Surge

Fitbit just announced the Charge, ChargeHR and Surge on October 27, 2014.  They will be available by year end or early 2015.  The ChargeHR and Surge will add 24/7 heart rate monitoring (without having to wear a strap) and smartwatch features like caller and text ID.  These new products will set the bar for wearable fitness devices.

Are You A Smart Creative?

In their new book, How Google Works, Google Executive Chairman and ex-CEO Eric Schmidtand former SVP of Products Jonathan Rosenberg share the secrets they used to help build Google into the company it is today.

One of the chapters in the book describes the special type of employee that has made Google so successful. They refer to this unique category of knowledge workers as “Smart Creatives” and these type of employees are essential for achieving success in the Internet Century. These workers are not confined to specific tasks, nor hemmed in by role or organization structure, or limited in access to company information and they are not averse to taking risks. In addition, they don’t keep quiet when they disagree with something and they can be easily bored.

All companies need to add Smart Creative employees to their payroll in order to be successful in the Internet Century. And workers striving to improve their career prospects can develop or enhance their skills as a Smart Creative.

The following infographic describes the key characteristics of Smart Creative employees.

Or you can download the PDF directly at Are You A Smart Creative – An Infographic by Tom Humbarger.

How Are You Doing On Twitter?

Would you like to know how many people viewed, clicked or shared your latest tweet? Well, now you can with Twitter’s new Analytics Dashboard that was released to all users last month.

Whether you are a big (or small) Twitter user, there is a lot of interesting data on the Dashboard about your tweeting activity. And if you are managing a corporate Twitter account, this information will be essential for analyzing your success and the impact of Twitter on your brand. I first found out about this new feature after seeing articles in Techcrunch and Yahoo in late August, and it is great that this capability has now been exposed for all Twitter users. Previously, this information was only available for advertisers and Verified Users.

To access your Twitter Dashboard, go to https://analytics.twitter.com/. If you are signed into Twitter, the dashboard will open with your data – otherwise, you will need to sign into Twitter. The dashboard is organized into three tabs – Tweets, Followers and Twitter cards. Here is what the main page of your dashboard will look like:

Below the weekly graph, you get a list of all published tweets along with data points for:

  • Impressments – the number of times users saw the Tweet on Twitter
  • Engagements – the number of times a user interacted with the Tweet which could be clicks, retweets, replies, follows and favorites
  • Engagement Rate – the number of engagements divided by the number of impressions

You can click on any tweet to get specific details on Impressions, Replies, Retweets and Favorites.

In the right nav on the dashboard, you can also view your activity over the last 28 days for Engagement Rate, Link Clicks and Retweets.

The Follower tab also presents some very interesting information on the growth of your Followers, their Interests, Location and Gender. Plus, the dashboard lists the top Twitter users that your Followers also follow.

Additional information on the Dashboard can be found at the Twitter Help Center.

Run, don’t walk to check out your Twitter Dashboard today.

The Best LinkedIn Advice

I am constantly scouring the Internet for great articles on how to maximize LinkedIn for a job or career search.   The following articles are the best ones that I have seen in the past year and I wanted to share them on my blog.

Your Essential LinkedIn Guide – here is the top piece of career advice from CAREERELISM – “get your LinkedIn ducks in a row.”

21 Steps to the Perfect LinkedIn Profile – LinkedIn expert Melonie Dodaro outlines her 21 steps to create a perfect LinkedIn profile in this handy infographic.

10 LinkedIn Skills Every Professional Should Have – Author and Social Business Coach Neil Shaffer came up with a list of 10 skills that he expects every professional should have as a LinkedIn user.

10 LinkedIn Blunders that Make You Look Like An Amateur – in this article from Fortune, William Arruda shares some all-too-common faux pas that will create a negative impression rather than build your brand.

9 Reasons Why You Must Update Your LinkedIn Profile Today – here are 9 eye-opening reasons why you need to polish your LinkedIn profile right now.

How To Choose A LinkedIn Profile Picture – everyone knows that it’s important to have a profile picture on LinkedIn, but you can also send the wrong message with an unprofessional picture.

Why Your LinkedIn Headline Is So Important – you already know the importance of having an updated LinkedIn profile, but did you know that it is important the LinkedIn headline section is to your job search?