Here are a few comments from some people who know what I can do:

Chris Fox from Minuteman Parking

“Tom has provided our business with insight and expertise that allowed us to launch our website and intranet in a timely manner. Tom created copy, feel and layout, while driving the process with our outside vendors and coordinating in house needs with our own staff. Tom’s upbeat attitude and ability to teach and collaborate with all levels of our team has made him a continuing, indispensable member of our outside consulting braintrust. Tom is currently preparing training for our upcoming management retreat and working with our sales staff to create a marketing plan and tracking process. We hope to maintain a long relationship with Tom.”

Derek Showerman from Sokolov Law Firm and formerly of Mzinga:

“Simply put, Tom’s attention to detail, strategy execution and understanding of how to be successful on social media projects is second to none. I have enormous respect for Tom and hope to always be connected professionally and personally with Tom. He is a person of high integrity and expect the best out of his peers. He is a true thought leader in the social networking space.”

Jim Storer, from The Community Roundtable and formerly of Mzinga:

“I worked closely with Tom to build Catalyze, an online community for business analysts and user experience professionals. During the time we worked together, I found Tom to be thoughtful, detail-oriented, creative and funny. It’s that last trait that really sets Tom apart. While he’s highly professional and gets the job done right, his ability to inject (and embrace) humor makes him a fun guy to work with. He’s also constantly pushing the boundaries of his community by trying new tools and approaches. His experience and understanding of what it takes to be successful with community is grounded in the hard work he’s put in to make Catalyze such a success. I can’t speak highly enough of working with Tom. He’d be an asset to any company looking to build/evolve their community strategy.”

Isaac Hazard from Mzinga:

I worked with Tom on the Catalyze community where Tom was responsible for community moderation, community management and content acquisition and publishing. Attacking each of these tasks with a mixture of passion and diligence, Tom built the Catalyze community from the ground up. His dedication to the members’ experience resulted in well over 4000 members discussing UX and BA issues, blogging, and attending webinar events. As a service provider for Tom, he consistently pushed me to deliver the best possible service for his end users. I’d highly recommend Tom as manager for your online community.

Aaron Strout from Powered and formerly of Mzinga:

Wow, what can say about Tom except that he is one of the best clients anyone could ever ask for. But that’s not why I’m writing this recommendation. The purpose is to call out some of the wonderful things I’ve experienced in working with him over the last year and a half. For one, Tom is the consummate professional. He is always courteous, even when things aren’t as rosy as they could be. To give a specific example, I remember when a Catalyze member wrote a particularly pointed post criticizing some of the features of the software we provided to Tom’s company, iRise. Rather than turning around and point the finger, Tom politely defended our platform citing the fact that he would take all the feedback under advisement and that “the vendor” had already promised a number of changes that would address a number of the issues. As a result, everyone came out a winner. Tom is also an innovator. Not only has he grown their B2B community from 0 to 3,500+ active members, he’s found ways to increase the size of his community through numerous webinars, live events and most recently, a consumer generated ad contest. In addition, Tom is an active blogger (and a good one at that). On top of being a great customer, professional and smart business man, Tom is also a good friend. I know that I need a favor, Tom is there for me (hopefully he feels the same way about me). Oh yeah, did I mention that he is a good sport too? We’ve had a number of healthy debates over the best baseball, football and now basketball teams (he’s west coast, we’re east coast). In summary, if every client was like Tom, the world would be a better place!

Mark Wallace, VP of Social Media at EDR

I have had the pleasure of working with Tom at both Shared Insights and Mzinga throughout the Catalyze community journey. Not only is he one of the most genuine, innovative, and likeable people I know, he is one of the most knowledgeable social media and community directors I have had the opportunity to work with over the years. And, I have worked with many. As a result of Tom’s efforts, Catalyze has continuously exceeded its membership targets, provided members with engaging content and programming, and responded to the needs of its members, creating the premier destination for business analysts and user experience professionals. If you are looking to launch, build, or improve a community, you would be well served to consider Tom to lead the effort.

Carla Schlemminger formerly from iRise

I had the pleasure of working closely with Tom on a number of projects which positively impacted sales and marketing efforts. Tom launched and nurtured the community, Catalyze, into a thriving environment for industry professionals. He has a strong understanding of how to leverage social media technologies for community-building and overall brand awareness. Not only was he a prolific blogger on the corporate blog, he also used the best traditional and new media elements to generate traffic for the community site. Because of his strong writing skills, it made my job in marcom that much easier. I would recommend Tom highly for any position that demands knowledge of community, social media and a can-do attitude.

Danilo Nikolich formerly from iRise

Tom is an asset to any company he works for. He is the jack of all trades and the master of ALL. At iRise Tom created the Catalyze online community for business and user experience professionals. The community has been a huge success with over 4,000 members and growing. My team has been able to leverage that community to nurture leads through the buying cycle, ultimately delivering revenue for iRise. I am happy to be working with such a talented and energetic individual and hope to continue to do so in the future